Mickey Eisenberg

Mickey S. Eisenberg, M.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington and Medical Director of the King County Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Eisenberg has taught and studied CPR for 30 years. He is actively involved in using innovative means to teach CPR to as many people as possible.


  • Non-Fiction
    Life in the Balance: Emergency Medicine and the Quest to Reverse Sudden Death
    Mickey Eisenberg



Life in the Balance: Emergency Medicine and the Quest to Reverse Sudden Death
“Fascinating […] Eisenberg’s description of these developments in cardiac emergency medicine and the people involved in them makes us, too, feel involved.”


“An exciting, detailed medical detective story […] Eisenberg writes with eloquence, humor, clarity and a minimum of jargon […] This delightful book is essential reading for health care professionals. It is also absorbing reading for others, including any educated layperson who is interested in sudden death or the history of medicine.”

New England Journal of Medicine

“Fascinating insight […] a complete history of resuscitation in a style that will appeal to physician, scientist and lay reader. [LIFE IN THE BALANCE is] an excellent book for the student to understand how science progresses […] strongly recommend .”

Journal of the American Medical Association

“As much a tablet of noble truths as anything yet published on this topic […] Eisenberg is the classic choice to write such an impressive historical account […] a well-written, fascinating, informative and quick read on all of these topics. The section on the history and evolution of EMS and Prehospital Advanced Life Support alone makes this book well worth reading […] I highly recommend LIFE IN THE BALANCE.”

Journal of Emergency Medical Services

“Clearly written, engaging (medically, historically and philosophically), and useful. It may even play a role itself in the evolution of the treatment of sudden cardiac death.”

Academic Emergency Medicine

“Eisenberg’s contribution to the scientific literature has been phenomenal. He has now extended his talent by producing a masterly book aimed at the general public [...] this book is beautifully written and a delight to read. I defy even the most professional historian not to learn something they did not know before. Everyone with an interest in resuscitation will find it fascinating […] Recommend it to your friends. They will enjoy it.”