K. C. Alexander

K. C. Alexander is the author of Necrotech and Nanoshock—transhumanist sci-fi called “a speed freak rush” by NYT bestseller Richard Kadrey and “slick, sharp and snarky” by NYT bestseller Chuck Wendig She co-wrote Mass Effect: Nexus Uprising with NYT bestseller Jason M. Hough, contributed to Fireside magazine, and launched Uncanny’s successful Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter with a personal essay. Specialties include voice-driven prose, imperfect characters, and an inclination to defy expectations.  

She writes all things in all genres because all voices are important to the narrative. Prefers animals to people, and enjoys binge watching anime and science shows; basically, activities that allow her to be a hermit. She champions mental health and combats gendered expectations, often writing and speaking about life between normative lines.

Find her on her website or follow her on Twitter @kacealexander.

K. C. Alexander also writes as Karina Cooper.


  • Standalone
    Mass Effect: Andromeda: Nexus Uprising
    K. C. Alexander
  • SINless Series
    Necrotech (#1)
    K. C. Alexander
  • SINless Series
    Nanoshock (#2)
    K. C. Alexander



Mass Effect: Andromeda: Nexus Uprising
“I feel it compliments the game so perfectly that the two both must be consumed to fully appreciate the narrative of the new Mass Effect franchise.”

Entertainment Buddha

SINless Series

Necrotech (#1)
“Mixing together high-tech imagination and conspiracy, this one is sure to satisfy the cyberpunk craving you didn’t know you had.”


“Alexander’s transhumanist world is by far the highlight of their debut novel. Readers are immersed in a society that’s equally fascinating as it is terrifying.”

RT Book Reviews

“NECROTECH is a high-octane cyberpunk thrill ride that starts at full throttle and never slows down. Riko is an amazing, diverse, ass-kicking character that will leave readers wanting more.”

Strange Horizons

“Sci-fi that’s slick, sharp and snarky — K. C. Alexander doesn’t ‘write’ so much as she fires words into your cerebral cortex with an electromagnetic railgun.”

Chuck Wendig, The New York Times bestselling author of STAR WARS: AFTERMATH and INVASIVE

“NECROTECH is a speed freak rush down mean streets of the digital, the modified, and the just plain crazy. It’s like razors for your brain.”

Richard Kadrey, The New York Times bestselling author of SANDMAN SLIM

“Vulgar, vicious, and very very good! Alexander pulls no punches in this intense debut.”

Jason M. Hough, The New York Times bestselling author of ZERO WORLD

“NECROTECH bleeds with raw & unapologetic badassery. Riko is the cyberpunk heroine I’ve been waiting for, struggling with the truth that the tech we embrace to solve our problems just creates new ones, and no one has a chipset to fix humanity’s bugs. K.C. Alexander dials up the attitude, anguish, and adrenaline in this explosive debut, and I’m looking forward to Riko’s next run.”

Kevin Hearne, The New York Times bestselling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles

Nanoshock (#2)
“An intense, gleefully profane, fearlessly inventive, unapologetically grimy cyberpunk caper with an unforgettable protagonist.”

Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Magazine

“NANOSHOCK crushes everything in its path. Brutal, unapologetic, sexy cyberpunk, it is a steel-fisted punch in the mouth.”

Scott Sigler, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Generations trilogy