Christopher Swiedler

Christopher Swiedler is a writer and software engineer living in Pacifica, California, where he’s under constant threat from earthquakes, tsunamis, and freak sandstorms. Currently he’s trying to finish his first middle-grade science-fiction novel and begin his second. His goal is to win the Newbery Honor without coming near the Medal itself, because he was once told that being runner-up builds good character.

Find Christopher on his website, or follow him on Twitter @ChrisSwiedler.


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    In the Red
    Christopher Swiedler



In the Red
“By telling the story from Michael’s perspective, Swiedler offers a fresh take on heroism through an honest portrayal of the emotional struggle of overcoming anxiety. The friendship between Michael and Lilith feels real and grounded as they confront family issues, mental health, and their own relationship, and readers will be left breathless by stunning descriptions and harrowing feats of survival as two tweens face death, danger, and emotional upheaval.”


“The writing is reminiscent of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet and Andy Weir’s The Martian—it maintains a skillful blend of science and survivalism to keep readers engaged and invested in the outcome [...] A smart choice to read individually or as a group to further explore the possibilities of life on Mars and the ­science behind the fiction.”

School Library Journal