Z is for Zombie: An Illustrated Guide to the End of the World

A is for Apocalypse, 
B is for Buried, 
C is for Cannibalistic . . .

A stunningly illustrated and hilarious A-to-Z guide that bears witness to the zombie horde as it slowly overruns us. Assemble a motley crew of any survivors you can. Barricade your doors and windows against the relentless shambling masses hungry for your flesh. Grab a hammer, chain saw, clothing iron, or whatever household weapon is at hand . . .

The war has begun!


“It’s not the first alphabet book you’ve ever read… but it may be the last.”

John Scalzi, New York Times bestselling author

“Z IS FOR ZOMBIE is hilarious, subversive and gruesome. You need to know your basics if you’re going to survive the zombie apocalypse. Highly recommended!”

Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author

“It’s time to remember that the educational power of the alphabet isn’t just intended for the classroom. With Z IS FOR ZOMBIE, words and pictures marry to bring brilliant, bloody fun to your fingertips. B is for Buy this Book!”

Mira Grant, author of FEED

“The perfect going-away gift for the human race, Z IS FOR ZOMBIE is smart, sumptuous, excruciating undead fun.”

John Skipp, author of BOOK OF THE DEAD

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