Wake of War

Twenty years from now, the Utah Valley has become the incubator of a new Civil War. For Specialist James Trent, it means unexpected orders to move from a desk job posting back East to a billet as armorer on the front lines near Salt Lake with the 117th Infantry.

Out of all the soldiers fighting in this war, the deadliest enemy is sniper Sam Cross. At age 14, she watched US soldiers gun down her mother and father to clear the way for the “conscription” of her older brother. She’s since spent five years becoming an instrument of death being played by Joseph Graham — a charismatic rebel leader whose own deeds are far worse than any of the memories he carries with him from his time in a government detention camp.

Caught in the middle is Markus. He leads a mercenary crew enlisted to protect a mining facility situations on critical terrain in a small war that’s wanting to become much bigger. As Trent and the Revolutionist Front converge on Markus’ position, Sam holds in her hands not just her rifle but the fate of a nation.


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