Out of sight, out of mind.

In the near future, a fluke of quantum mechanics renders Nat Morgan utterly forgettable. No one can remember he exists for more than a minute after he’s gone. It’s a useful ability for his career as a CIA agent, even if he has to keep reminding his boss that he exists.

Nat’s attempt to steal a quantum chip prototype is thwarted when a former FSB agent, Yelena Semyonova, attempts to steal the same technology for the Russion mob.

Along with a brilliant Iranian physicist who wants to defect, Nat and Yelena must work together to stop a ruthless billionaire from finishing a quantum supercomputer that will literally control the fate of the world.


“Most of the book’s fun is in watching Nat figure out how to use his “talent”—how, for example, did he get the CIA to notice him in the first place? He’s an ingenious and sympathetic hero who earns readers’ goodwill and expectations for a strong ongoing series.”

Publishers Weekly

“UNFORGETTABLE is a quick, delightful read with well-considered plotting and a protagonist who won’t be forgotten [...] A fantastic debut novel.”

Shelf Awareness

“If you like near-future spy thrillers with believable characters, this is a good place to start. I recommend this book.”

MySF Reviews

“UNFORGETTABLE gets top marks. It’s great science fiction candy.”

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“Stone takes an intriguing concept and creates a fun, fast-paced thriller.”

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