The Mask of Mirrors

Darkly magical and beautifully imagined, THE MASK OF MIRRORS is the unmissable start to the Rook & Rose trilogy, a rich and dazzling fantasy adventure in which a con artist, a vigilante, and a crime lord must unite to save their city.


"Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms, writing as Carrick, join forces to launch...a tightly laced plot dripping with political intrigue. Carrick has built a strong foundation for things to come."

Publishers Weekly

"Utterly captivating. Carrick spins an exciting web of mystery, magic, and political treachery in a richly drawn and innovative world."

–S. A. Chakraborty, author of The City of Brass

"THE MASK OF MIRRORS has it all: complex, believable characters; a fast-moving, intricate plot; rich details of attire, cuisine, religion, and so much more, all of which lead the reader to believe that Nadežra exists in more than dreams. This novel starts off strong and only gets better."

Jane Lindskold, New York Times Bestselling author of The Firekeeper Saga

"The Mask of Mirrors kept me up reading way past my bedtime. A web of intrigue, magic, and the art of the con this novel will catch hold of your dreams and keep you from sleeping."

Mary Robinette Kowal, author of The Glamorous Histories series

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