The Horns of Ruin

When humanity ascended, there were three gods. Three became two. Then two became one…

Eva Forge is the last of her kind—a Paladin of the dead god Morgan, whose might is slowly waning. Trained for a life of combat in the city of Ash, she remains ever wary of the scions of the other gods, who have their own beliefs and agendas. So when Eva accompanies her lifelong mentor to retrieve a strange young girl of a rival faith, she is both curious and suspicious. And above all, she is ready for a fight.

But nothing could have prepared her for an ambush by armored, machine-driven corpses. When the smoke clears both her mentor and the girl are gone—taken captive or worse. Though ordered to stand down and let the authorities handle the investigation, Eva cannot let such a disgrace go unpunished by the power of Morgan.

Soon, her initial desire for bloody vengeance becomes a quest for answers. Because the more Eva learns in her search for the truth, the less she realizes she truly knows about her city, her destiny, and the gods themselves. And what Eva uncovers will either transform the world or leave it in ruins…

Tim Akers, author of the acclaimed Burn Cycle series, introduces readers to a mystical world where men can become gods, and gods can become murderers…


“Hard to put down. From the compelling opening sentence to the last, The Horns of Ruin is much like its protagonist: powerful, relentless and impossible to ignore. Akers seamlessly blends steampunk and fantasy elements in an adroit feat of world-building that is rich in story-bolstering detail but never interferes with the frenetic pace of the action. Fantasy and steampunk readers, particularly any fan who loved Elizabeth Moon’s The Deed of Paksenarrion, should not miss The Horns of Ruin and should keep an eye out for Akers in the future.”

The Miami Herald

“Akers (‘Heart of Veridon’) creates a complex steampunk world… Ash is a vibrant city, and the cults of the three brothers have a relationship as ambivalent and complicated as the relationship among any actual siblings.”

Publishers Weekly

“Deals with weighty issues of faith and science while narrating a fast-paced adventure.”

Library Journal

Awards & Accolades

United Kingdom

SciFi Now: 2010 Rising Star Award