The Hidden Masters of Marandur (#2)

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When Master Mechanic Mari and Mage Alain took down the Dark Mechanics and Dark Mages at Dorcastle, they thought they’d covered their involvement well enough to divert their Guilds’ suspicions. The assassins sent after them by their Guilds, which had trained them from childhood, indicate otherwise. Armed with the knowledge that their respective Guilds are now trying to kill them, and knowing their strengths are greater together, they reunite.

Rumor has it the key to saving their world from the Guilds’ iron-fisted rule is in the dead city of Marandur. But before they can even attempt to traverse the empty wastelands and avoid the imperial guards surrounding Marandur, they’ll have to survive the Guilds’ agents, who are determined to capture them at any cost, and by any means necessary.


“Quite a bit of fun and I really enjoyed it [...] An excellent sequel and well worth the read!”

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“I highly recommend this to fantasy lovers. [In THE HIDDEN MASTERS OF MARANDUR], the world building has been strengthened even further [...] The pace is constant and had me finding excuses to continue the book.”

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