The Final Girl Support Group

Forthcoming July 2021!

You’ve seen it play out before: the deranged killer picks off everyone in the movie except for the lone surviving girl. Either by being as quiet as possible, or surprising the killer with an attack of her own, or by pure dumb luck, she survives the ordeal. The killer is bested and no one will get hurt anymore…but what happens to the survivor?

The women in the Final Girl Support Group have been in group therapy together for decades, each one having gone through a terrible ordeal: attacks by a cannibal family in Texas, by a machete wielding maniac at summer camp, by an older brother returning to settle scores on Halloween, by a lunatic who allegedly entered their dreams. The final girls are the middle-aged survivors of the real-life crimes that popular slasher movies are based on. Some of them are addicts, some are in denial, and some have become motivational speakers, but all of them remain haunted by their pasts.

Now someone is killing them, one by one, and the only survivor who sees a pattern is the most unstable final girl in the group. Lynette, once terrorized by a sadistic Santa, has become a paranoid shut-in and trains herself obsessively so she’ll never be a victim again. Even though the other women see her as someone to be pitied, Lynette’s single-minded drive to survive makes her the only person who can stop the new murders.

Both an homage to and subversion of iconic slasher films, The Final Girl Support Group is a story about what it means to survive.


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