The Enchantment Emporium (#1)

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Alysha Gale is a member of a family capable of changing the world with the charms they cast. Then she receives word that she’s inherited her grandmother’s junk shop in Calgary, only to discover upon arriving that she’ll be serving the fey community. And when Alysha learns just how much trouble is brewing in Calgary, even calling in the family to help may not be enough to save the day.


“This enchanting, suspenseful urban fantasy should grab fans of Charles de Lint, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Jim Butcher.”

Booklist, Starred Review

“Thoughtful and leisurely, this fresh urban fantasy from Huff features an ensemble cast of nuanced characters […] Fantasy buffs will find plenty of humor, thrills and original mythology to chew on, along with refreshingly three-dimensional women in an original, fully-realized world.”

Publishers Weekly

“Tanya Huff crams so much delightful stuff into her books that they deserve to be slowly unpacked […] There is so much to love about this book [...] The magic is deftly handled, the family stuff is bewildering and gripping, and the humour is as sharp as a dragon’s tooth.”

Daily Mail

“A big part of the fun of this offbeat contemporary fantasy is figuring out just what’s really going on with Allie’s extended family.”


“Enchanting, mischievous and lively, a wonderful fantasy creation…one of the best fantasy books I have read for a long time and I can really recommend it. Entertaining, fun and interesting; it offers something for everyone.”

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Booklist: “10 Best SF/F of 2009”