The Compleat Bolo

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The classic military dilemma—preventing those who defend you from turning on you—is seemingly solved with the implementation of the Bolos, mechanical servants with artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art high-tech weaponry. But when the implacable alien Deng invade Earth, the Bolos leap to the offensive with a war plan that doesn’t take humanity into account.

Bolo (1976) • collection:
The Night of the Trolls (1963) • novella
Courier (1961) • novelette (variant of The Frozen Planet
Field Test (1976) • short story
The Last Command (1967) • short story
A Relic of War (1969) • short story
Combat Unit (1960) • short story
Rogue Bolo (1986) • collection:
Rogue Bolo (1986) • novella
Final Mission (1986) • novella
A Short History of the Bolo Fighting Machines (1976) • short story


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