Tarnished Knight (#1)

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CEO Artur Drakon has been betrayed. The Syndicate Worlds’ government failed to protect its citizens from both the Alliance and the alien enigmas. With a cadre of reliable soldiers under his command, Drakon launches a battle for control of the Midway Star System—assisted by an ally he’s unsure he can trust…

CEO Gwen Iceni was exiled to Midway because she wasn’t ruthless enough in the eyes of her superiors. She proved them wrong by commandeering some of the warships at Midway and declaring the star system’s independence on behalf of the people though staying in charge as “President.” But while she controls the mobile fleet, she has no choice but to rely on “General” Drakon’s ground forces to keep the peace planet-side.

If their coup is to succeed, Drakon and Iceni must put their differences aside to prevent the population of Midway from rebelling against them, to defend their star system from the enigmas—and to ferret out saboteurs determined to reestablish Syndic rule…


“Campbell maintains the military, political and even sexual tension with sure-handed proficiency […] Campbell focuses on the human element: two strong, well-developed characters locked in mutual dependence, fumbling their way toward a different and hopefully brighter future. What emerges is a fascinating and vividly rendered character study, fully and expertly contextualized.”


"If there is at this present time a better writer of pure popcorn explosive-BOOM military space opera working in the field, I haven’t found them.”


“TARNISHED KNIGHT is as much an intellectual puzzle as it is a space adventure. The political and social aspects of overturning a centrally run government that controls its people through terror and strict regulations are truly interesting.”

Fantasy Literature

“TARNISHED KNIGHT proves that Campbell can continue to produce entertaining, thought-provoking far future, space-based science fiction. In an era where fantasy is dominant over the science fiction side of the SFF tree, I’d welcome more US authors [who] write and publish novels like Jack Campbell does.”


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