Shakespeare’s Landlord (#1)

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#1 New York Times bestseller Charlaine Harris’s Shakespeare series returns to print in this stunning mystery.

Welcome to Shakespeare, Arkansas.

Lily Bard came to the small town of Shakespeare to escape her dark and violent past. Other than the day-to-day workings of her cleaning and errand-running service, she pays little attention to the town around her. So when she spots a dead body being dumped in the town green, she’s inclined to stay well away. But she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and despite her best efforts, she’s dragged into the murder case.

Lily doesn’t care who did it, but when the police and local community start pointing fingers in her direction, she realizes that proving her innocence will depend on finding the real killer in quiet, secretive Shakespeare.


“Lily’s an ingratiating heroine, and the author’s easy style makes this one an engaging breeze.”


“Harris has created an intriguing new character in this solidly plotted story.”


“Harris’ finely tuned, colorful and suspenseful tale, filled with vigorous and unique characters, will leave readers hoping it’s the start of a series.”

Publishers Weekly

“Charlaine Harris ventures into new, darker territory […] A memorable character, Lily brings new meaning to the term strong woman. She’s the equal of Kay Scarpetta, Kinsey Milhone and V. I. Warshawski even on a bad day.”

Library Journal

“Harris had done an incredible job launching her new character [...] A well-constructed psychological study that moves at a steady pace, SHAKESPEARE’S LANDLORD also takes a look at how society often views victims of violent crimes.”

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel


Albuquerque Journal

“Harris has down pat the laid-back atmosphere, country friendliness and occasional sordid secrets of small-town South. SHAKESPEARE’S LANDLORD is a satisfying introduction to a fascinating, complex set of characters. Just keep ’em coming.”

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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