Shadowlands (#2)

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The long-awaited sequel to Violette Malan’s acclaimed debut novel, The Mirror Prince.

The war in the Land of the Faerie has finally ended. Prince Cassandra dispatches Stormwolf, formerly a Hound but cured by his prince’s magic and restored to the Rider he once was, to the Shadowlands to call home the People who remain refugees there. But Stormwolf finds the Hounds of the Wild Hunt now prey upon the souls of the humans, draining them of the magic which is the very lifeblood of the People. With the help of Valory Martin, a mortal psychic, Stormwolf must find the magic needed to defeat the Hunt before it’s too late.


“This is a fabulous urban fantasy sequel to The Mirror Prince […] A strong thriller.”

Alternative Worlds

“Malan alternates an intimate, evocative first person viewpoint (Valory’s) with third person points of view from other characters […] The novel is a success.”

Functional Nerds

“Inventive, compelling, and crammed with action.”

Howard Andrew Jones, author of THE BONES OF THE OLD ONES

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