Remnant Population

For forty years, Colony 3245.12 has been Ofelia’s home. On this planet far away in space and time from the world of her youth, she has lived and loved, weathered the death of her husband, raised her one surviving child, lovingly tended her garden, and grown placidly old. And it is here that she fully expects to finish out her days—until the shifting corporate fortunes of the Sims Bancorp Company dictates that Colony 3245.12 is to be disbanded, its residents shipped off, deep in cryo-sleep, to somewhere new and strange and not of their choosing. But while her fellow colonists grudgingly anticipate a difficult readjustment on some distant world, Ofelia savors the promise of a golden opportunity. Not starting over in the hurly-burly of a new community . . . but closing out her life in blissful solitude, in the place she has no intention of leaving. A population of one.

With everything she needs to sustain her, and her independent spirit to buoy her, Ofelia actually does start life over–for the first time on her own terms: free of the demands, the judgments, and the petty tyrannies of others. But when a reconnaissance ship returns to her idyllic domain, and its crew is mysteriously slaughtered, Ofelia realizes she is not the sole inhabitant of her paradise after all. And, when the inevitable time of first contact finally arrives, she will find her life changed yet again—in ways she could never have imagined. . . .


“Ofelia is one of the most probable heroes science fiction has yet known. This is a book full of pleasure.”

Ursula K. LeGuin

“Moon does a splendid job of bringing her characters to life. Ofelia is as likeable as she is cantankerous, and the aliens are vividly imagined. Themes of independence and the value of wisdom form the backbone of this well-written, original novel.”

Publishers Weekly

“The vibrant description, and the quirky aliens and humans will keep readers engrossed in the story. Highly recommended.”

Library Journal

“Moon succeeds in making her People alien but not alienating, and noble without cloying sentiment. REMNANT POPULATION may move slowly for some readers’ tastes, but those who keep the pace will be rewarded with a gratifying conclusion to a thoughtful narrative.”


“Moon produces a fascinating adventure of interspecies contact that includes the occasional masterfully rendered peek into the alien’s unique mindset. Enthusiasts for alien anthropology as well as Moon’s many fans should enjoy, enjoy.”


“A satisfying story with a winning heroine.”

Herald Sunday

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