Mermaid’s Madness (#2)

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There is an old story — you might have heard it — about a young mermaid, the daughter of a king, who saved the life of a human prince and fell in love.

So innocent was her love, so pure her devotion, that she would pay any price for the chance to be with her prince. She gave up her voice, her family, and the sea, and became human. But the prince had fallen in love with another woman.

The tales say the little mermaid sacrificed her own life so that her beloved prince could find happiness with his bride.

The tales lie.


“Fast-paced […] A nearly effortless read. This novel will appeal to anyone who yearns for the heroines of their childhood — or just a witty, well-constructed adventure tale about powerful women stepping up with skill and cleverness.”

Publishers Weekly

“Quick-paced and engaging […] A great read.”

RT Book Reviews

“Fast-paced, energetic, exciting and amazingly fun […] a spectacular take on fairy tales. Hines has a winner.”

Green Man Review

“THE MERMAID’S MADNESS belongs on your must-read list. It’s an enthralling adventure that takes you back to the stories of your childhood and then folds, spindles and mutilates them—in the best possible way. One of the most entertaining stories I’ve read all year. You’ll never watch The Little Mermaid the same way again.”

Diana Pharaoh Francis, author of THE BLACK SHIP

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#1 Locus Bestseller