Marque and Reprisal (#2)

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Though the exciting military career she hoped for never materialized, Ky Vatta still sees plenty of combat. An unknown adversary has launched a full-throttle offensive against Vatta Transport Ltd., Ky’s father’s interstellar shipping empire—killing most of Ky’s family. Fighting for her very survival, Ky is determined to avenge her family’s deaths. Teaming up with a band of stranded mercenaries, her black-sheep cousin Stella, and Stella’s roguish ex-lover, Ky struggles to penetrate the tangled web of political intrigue that surrounds the attacks. Amid suspicion and deception, she is prepared to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that Vatta stays in business. What she’s not prepared for is the shocking truth behind the terror— and a confrontation with murderous treachery. . . . 

(UK Title: Moving Target)


“Excellent plotting and characters support the utterly realistic action sequences: swift, jolting, confusing, and merciless. It’s a corker!”

Kirkus, Starred Review

“Kylara Vatta lets loose in this rip-roaring sequel. The charm lies in Moon’s deft characterizations, especially the exorcism of Ky’s guilt over her family’s deaths. There’s plenty of shipboard and dockside action, plus authentically grungy space-station settings. Former Marine Moon has a genuine hoorah series going for her.”

Publishers Weekly

“The universe of the Vattas is freshly imagined and abundant in believable detail and exotic possibility. Successfully combining several science fiction subgenres, this title will delight many types of readers.”

Library Journal

“I can’t say when I’ve enjoyed a book more than Elizabeth Moon’s MARQUE AND REPRISAL. I look forward to volume three of a series that promises to be the female version of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan novels.”

Contra Costa Times

“A roller coaster ride of combat and intrigue. Fast-moving action set in a classic space-opera universe, with plenty of plot surprises and a likeably tough heroine. The final space battle is as good as I’ve seen.”

Asimov’s Science Fiction

“Clever plotting and surprises galore. Heavy on human drama, this is space opera of the highest order. Moon combines elements of military SF, mystery and soap opera to produce a tale that space aficianados and non-SF readers alike will enjoy.”

RT Book Reviews

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