For Heaven’s Eyes Only (#5)

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I’m Eddie Drood. AKA Shaman Bond, a member of the Drood family. We Droods have been holding back the forces of darkness for generations. It’s a hell of a job—and we’re good at it…

But now, the Droods have hit a bad patch, what with the death of our Matriarch and the discovery that she was killed by one of our own. It’s left us in more than a bit of disarray, and it goes without saying that those forces of darkness are taking advantage of the situation. There’s a Satanic Conspiracy brewing—one that could throw humanity directly into the clutches of the Biggest of the Big Bads, forever.

Things are looking grim—and here I am, not able to be of any help. On account of I’m dead…


“A winning fifth entry […] Clever world-building, madcap characters, cheeky one-liners, and a James Bond feel make this series stand out, and a surprise ending will have readers eagerly anticipating the next Eddie Drood adventure.”

Publishers Weekly

“Green’s popular Drood series carries on in its expected clever, action-packed manner […] Fans of Green’s madcap fantasies will enjoy the ride.”

RT Book Reviews

“Enjoyable, fast-paced and fun entertainment […] this one is not to be missed.”


“Action-packed, intense, rocket-paced and completely, utterly, shamelessly over the top, everything fans have come to expect and then some […] the perfect popcorn book.”

Green Man Review

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#5 debut New York Times Hardcover Bestseller List