Envoy to New Worlds (#1)

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The authorized history of the frontier worlds of the 29th century is readily available to anyone who cares to pore through the official files of the Terrestrial Diplomatic Corps.

For serious students of history, however, it would be well to read between the lines of what has been set down for posterity. The records, for example, fail to grasp the full significance of the work done by a career diplomat named Jame Retief, in his efforts to alleviate strife on the emerging planets of our galaxy.

Contained here are several accounts of Retief’s contribution to the peace of the universe—written in the hope that the injustice committed by the history books will thus be rectified.

“Protocol” (1962); 
“Sealed Orders” (1962); 
“Cultural Exchange” (1962); 
“Aide Memoire” (1962); 
“Policy” (1962); 
“Palace Revolution” (1961).


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