Engaging the Enemy (#3)

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In the aftermath of the cold-blooded assassinations that killed her parents and shattered the Vatta interstellar shipping empire, Kylara Vatta sets out to avenge the killings and salvage the family business. Ky soon discovers a conspiracy of terrifying scope, breathtaking audacity, and utter ruthlessness. The only hope against such powerful evil is for all the space merchants to band together. Unfortunately, because she commands a ship that once belonged to a notorious pirate, Ky is met with suspicion, if not outright hostility . . . even from her own cousin. Before she can take the fight to the enemy, Kylara must survive a deadly minefield of deception and betrayal.


“Moon’s third novel […] excels in character development as well asin its fast-paced action sequences and intricate plotting. A solid purchase, along with its predecessors for most SF or YA collections.”

Library Journal

“Moon isn’t simply writing an epic space battle. As in C.J. Cherryh’s Chanur saga, the author involves the reader in the interesting nuts and bolts of operating a commercial effort and the ins and outs of assembling a starship crew. It’s those touches that no only make the characters more believable, but place this series above others in the genre.”


“Continues to get better with every volume […] Fun SF, of the kind that looks disposable but stays in the mind long after the book is closed. Roll on the next one.”

The Guardian

“We’ve got intrigue and adventure on several fronts, engaging characters all around, and by the way, a touch of romance. It’s fine space opera and plenty of fun to ride along with. If you miss Mile Vorkosigan’s younger adventures, which I do, you need go no further than Ky Vatta’s escapades to find a hero worth investing your time in.”


“If you get a buzz from dodging assassins, wheeling and dealing, and zooming around space at FTL speed, then check out the third installment of SF military adventure […] When Ky engages the enemy, Moon does a cracking job of engaging you.”


Awards & Accolades


#29 New York Times Hardcover Bestseller List


#7 Locus Hardcover Bestseller List


#5 Locus Mass Market Bestseller List

United Kingdom

Waterstone’s Bookstores: “Top 10 SF books of 2006”