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Trading in Danger
Marque and Reprisal (UK: Moving Target)
Engaging the Enemy
Command Decision
Victory Conditions

The Deed of Paksenarrion | Biblio. & Rights Info
Sheepfarmer's Daughter
Divided Allegiance
Oath of Gold
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Oath of Fealty

The Legacy of Gird | Biblio. and Rights Info
Surrender None
Liar's Oath
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The Serrano Legacy, Book One | Biblio. & Rights Info
Hunting Party
Sporting Chance
Winning Colors

The Serrano Legacy, Book Two | Biblio. and Rights Info
Once a Hero
Rules of Engagement
Change of Command
Against the Odds

The Planet Pirates (with Anne McCaffrey) | Biblio. and Rights Info
Generation Warriors

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For the original trilogy...


Anne McCaffrey

"A tour de force."

Jack McDevitt

"This is the first work of high heroic fantasy I've seen that has taken the work of Tolkien, assimilated it totally and deeply and absolutely, and produced something altogether new...This is the real thing. Worldbuilding in the grand tradition, background thought out to the last detail...Her military knowledge is impressive, her picture of life in a mercenary company most convincing. Bravo!"

Judith Tarr

"Superb. The perfect entry into fantasy."

-- OtherRealms

"The entire narrative contains in various degrees, superb writing, a sound and gritty knowledge of military life and action, and a psychological/ethical substratum of enviable intricacy and depth....I strongly suggest that anyone who has not read the first two books of the series find them at once and devour them."

-- Thrust

"A superlative fantasy trilogy."

-- Booklist

"For once the promises are borne out ... I can only say that I eagerly await whatever Elizabeth Moon chooses to write next."

-- Lan's Lantern

"Elizabeth Moon has created a true hero....The three books of THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION can only make us hope to see more from Elizabeth Moon."

-- The News of Salem (Arkansas)

"Brilliant. Superbly cast with protagonists and supporting characters that will enchant the reader."

-- Bookwatch

"A classic of the genre."

-- BookLoons


"A massive and brilliant book, with Moon's unsurpassed military and historical expertise very much to the fore. Close behind it is her concern with ethics, which elevates her characterization as far above the fantasy average as her worldbuilding...a model of how to write historically informed fantasy."

-- Chicago Sun Times

"A detailed look into a fantasy medieval culture as seen from the peasant's point of view....A wonderful prequel and lead into the author's trilogy, THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION."

-- Voya

"Fans of THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION have been waiting for this book, but newcomers to Moon's vision should not fear jumping right in ... I don't think you'll be disappointed."

-- Quantum


"A must-read... thoroughly entertaining."

-- Romantic Times (4 1/2* Top Pick!)

"The work of an artist and a storyteller. Moon sets up the action and intrigue to sustain an epic trilogy while still having a complete story arc within this volume."

-- Fantasy Literature

"A stirring start to a new story arc... I can't wait for more episodes."

-- BookLoons

"I found the book hard to put down because of Elizabeth Moon's ability to make the story flow along."

-- SF Site

"Like a shieldmate in the ranks of one of Phelan's cohorts, OATH OF FEALTY is more than worthy to stand alongside the earlier tales of the Paladin Paksenarrion and her companions, set in a land which ranks alongside Andre Norton's Witch World and Tolkein's Middle Earth for invention, deeds of valor and battles of good against evil."

-- Jack Campbell
New York Times bestselling author of the Lost Fleet series

"What sheer delight! Oath of Fealty is an engrossing new adventure returning old friends to us in the first of three more books in the Paksenarrion universe. It's quite simply a smashing story, and I am panting to read the next installment from this consummate storyteller. Hurry up, Elizabeth!"

-- Anne McCaffrey

"Has just what I look for in an Elizabeth Moon fantasy: magic, action, damned fine sword play, and characters who hold honor and loyalty higher than life itself. An epic win!"

-- Jody Lynn Nye
author of A Forthcoming Wizard

"Enough of a fresh start in the world Moon created over twenty years ago to keep new readers (like myself) engaged throughout ... I was very pleased to meet characters who were well-rounded, strong, admirable, believing and engaging."

--SFF World - Rob H. Bedford

"A triumphant return to the fantasy world she created ... no one writes fantasy quite like Moon."

--Miami Herald



"The collection is worth seeking out."

-- Aboriginal Science Fiction


"A boon ... Moon enjoys her life as a writer and it shows. She brings her own personal slant to a wide variety of settings and 'what ifs' and does so very well."

-- Kliatt


"[A] rich collection. Readers who only know Moon's novels will be thrilled to learn that her short stories are equally entertaining and thoughtful."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Moon Flights [is a] rediscovery of a writer who has firmly established herself as a first-rate teller of tales. Even in the confines of very traditional story-forms, Elizabeth Moon is a writer who always has a point to make, and who is able to make her points with dramatic action, slyly humorous observations, and a sense of style."

-- SF Site

"[An] excellent collection, which demonstrates Moon's wide reach and assured grasp. It's a delight to surrender to the pull of this Moon. She deserves all her success -- and more."

-- SF Weekly/

"Particularly diverse -- military sf to thoughtful character studies, deadly seriousness to whimsical humor. The fantasies are generally very lightweight, but some of the other stories are major works."

-- Critical Mass



"Moon (Change of Command) launches a new military sf series featuring a resilient heroine whose courage is equalled only by her personal integrity. Bound to appeal to fans of David Weber's "Honor Harrington" series, this sf adventure is filled with fast-paced action and well-conceived characters. A good addition to most libraries."

-- Library Journal

'Will more than satisfy ... space opera a la Robert Heinlein, a family yarn that can please fans of Anne McCaffrey's "Rowan" saga."

-- School Library Journal

"Vatta is an appealing heroine, and Moon is a skilled writer, so "Trading in Danger" is likely to be the first in an open-ended series, similar to Lois McMaster Bujold's successful Miles Naismith Vorkosigan string of books. There's nothing too deep here, but it's a lot of fun, and a fast, entertaining read."

-- The Contra Costa Times

"Moon's reputation as one of the best female sci-fi writers will be enhanced by TRADING IN DANGER. Witty and well-intentioned yet a bit boneheaded, Ky is a heroine well-suited to the bumpy ride Moon takes her on. A mix of space opera, military science fiction and human drama, this is an exciting and often touching novel."

-- Romantic Times

"Ky's formidable, entertaining combination of intelligence, creativity, and naval-academy training, turn a potential disaster into a profitable triumph for the whole Vatta family."

-- Booklist -- Roland Green

"Mercenaries, pirates, and her Aunt Gracie's fruitacakes, a fun adventure full of thrills and touches of humor."

-- Locus

"Absorbing, fairly low-key complications and agreeable character development: an auspicious series opener."

-- Kirkus

"A superior novel, and if there is any justice it will bring Elizabeth Moon the praise and popularity she deserves."


"A new epic chapter in space adventure has opened and Vatta's War will bring delight to many readers in years to come."

-- The Alien OnLine (UK)


A gripping, action-packed book.

-- Omaha World-Herald

"Kylara Vatta lets loose in this rip-roaring sequel. The charm lies in Moon's deft characterizations, especially the exorcism of Ky's guilt over her family's deaths. There's plenty of shipboard and dockside action, plus authentically grungy space-station settings. Former Marine Moon has a genuine hoorah series going for her."

-- Publishers Weekly

"This is a satisfying adventure with an engaging captain and crew."

-- Denver Post

"I can't say when I've enjoyed a book more than Elizabeth Moon's "Marque and Reprisal." I look forward to volume three of a series that promises to be the female version of Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan novels."

-- Contra Costa Times (CA)

"Excellent plotting and characters support the utterly realistic action sequences: swift, jolting, confusing, and merciless. It's a corker!"

-- Kirkus Reviews

"Fine space adventure. Gifted fantasist Moon is clearly beginning to rival Lois McMaster Bujold at space operatics."

-- Booklist

"A roller coaster ride of combat and intrigue. Fast-moving action set in a classic space-opera universe, with plenty of plot surprises and a likeably tough heroine. The final space battle is as good as I've seen."

-- Asimov's Science Fiction

"Clever plotting and surprises galore. Heavy on human drama, this is space opera of the highest order. Moon combines elements of military SF, mystery and soap opera to produce a tale that space aficianados and non-SF readers alike will enjoy."

-- Romantic Times

"The intrigue-filled plot lends a marque of distinction."

-- Entertainment Weekly

"Moon gets credit on several fronts. Writing a series installment that can stand on its own feet is one accomplishment. Putting three-dimensional and interesting characters into a fast-paced plot is another. Readers who enjoyed C.J. Cherryh's Chanur series should snap this up."

-- Starlog

"A rousing space adventure powered by a distinct and interesting protagonist and the author's gift for telling a story gripping enough to demand the reader's attention."

-- Chronicle

"The universe of the Vattas is freshly imagined and abundant in believable detail and exotic possibility. Successfully combining several science fiction subgenres, this title will delight many types of readers."

-- Library Journal

"Moon is a smooth and skilled writer with a growing following, and it will be interesting to see where the future takes pirate captain Ky."

-- Science Fiction & Fantasy

"As pacey and well-written as its predecessor but significantly harder-hitting emotionally."

-- SF Crow's Nest (UK)

"You can rely on Moon to come up with the goods. In MARQUE AND REPRISAL she delivers a second dose of high-speed adventure. If you're not in the middle of the action then it's just around the corner."

-- SFX (UK)

"The universe of the Vattas is freshly imagined and abundant in believable detail and exotic possibility. Successfully combining several science fiction subgenres, this title will delight many types of readers."

-- Library Journal

"Nebula winner Elizabeth Moon has made many respectable additions to this genre... You'll find the more commendable aspects of space-chick lit here."

-- Amazing Stories

"A rip-snorting action climax... a very fast read. Moon is so very good on details, whether weaponry or ships or just getting a meal organized in the middle of danger. Her characters are appealing, interesting, and though the focus of the story is decidedly military, there is an underlying humanity to her work that carries from the Paksenarrion tales, making them particularly appealing."


"In Kylara Vatta, Moon has created another tough and complex heroine... an utterly satisfying adventure... Moon is particularly deft... this narrative [is] far from the usual cliches of the genre.
"There was a time when I thought Moon would never create a better team of space heroines than Heris Serrano and Lady Celia, but Ky Vatta, her cousin Stella and Aunt Gracie are a very compelling trio."

-- (AMD)

"Elizabeth Moon writes about realistic, strong female lead characters. It's well worth going back to read Trading in Danger while waiting for the third installment to arrive."



"Moon's third novel...excels in character development as well asin its fast-paced action sequences and intricate plotting. A solid purchase, along with its predecessors for most SF or YA collections."

-- Library Journal

"A detailed and thriving storyline, with action that relentlessly sucks you in - this novel is as original in vision as it is in providing thrills. Fans of Richard K. Morgan and Orson Scott Card should pick this new novel up and become instant Elizabeth Moon fans as well."

-- Jive Magazine

"If you read and enjoyed the first two in the series, you'll have fun with this one, for Moon keeps things moving."

-- Analog

"Moon isn't simply writing an epic space battle. As in C.J. Cherryh's Chanur saga, the author involves the reader in the interesting nuts and bolts of operating a commercial effort and the ins and outs of assembling a starship crew. It's those touches that no only make the characters more believable, but place this series above others in the genre."

-- Starlog

'...the battle strategies and dogfights are thrilling... It should appeal to fans of Anne McCaffrey's Rowan family saga as well as to those of David Weber's Honor Harrington military SF series. Moon has created a richly imagined universe of different cultures, replete with intruguing characters and the sense of unlimited possibility that characterizes the most appealing science fiction."

-- Library Journal

"If you get a buzz from dodging assassins, wheeling and dealing, and zooming around space at FTL speed, then check out the third installment of SF military adventure... When Ky engages the enemy, Moon does a cracking job of engaging you."

-- SFX

"Continues to get better with every volume... Fun SF, of the kind that looks disposable but stays in the mind long after the book is closed. Roll on the next one."

-- The Guardian (UK)

"Moon's series is really hitting its stride in this outing, which kept me up until the wee hours. If you've already read the first two Vatta's War books, you're in for a real treat."

-- Infinity Plus

"Few authors writer better military science-fiction adventure novels than Elizabeth Moon, whose character-driven stories combine the strength of Anne McCaffrey and David Weber with a touch of Lois McMaster Bujold and C.J. Cherryh. This third novel in the Vatta's War series builds nicely on the first two books. Trading in Danger and Margue and Reprisal, and builds great expectations for future novels in the series. Engaging the Enemy is consummate military-adventure science fiction, with a distinctly female viewpoint, and further establishes Elizabeth Moon as one of the most accomplished authors in the subgenre."


"We've got intrigue and adventure on several fronts, engaging characters all around, and by the way, a touch of romance. It's fine space opera and plenty of fun to ride along with. If you miss Mile Vorkosigan's younger adventures, which I do, you need go no further than Ky Vatta's escapades to find a hero worth investing your time in."


"Elizabeth Moon, one of my favorite military SF authors, can always be relied upon for stirring space adventure and an entertaining read, and she provides both in Engaging the Enemy."

-- Bookloons

'I doubt Engaging the Enemy is the sort of thing that's going to win Moon another Nebula, but maybe it should. This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for when I first started out reading in the genre, and I think it would do wonders for drawing in a new readership if the awards occasionally pointed to quality "candy" like this. A rollicking action-packed space opera still satisfies me like nothing else. A lot of people in the field like to say that the golden age of SF is thirteen or fourteen--meaning that that's when most of us discover and fall in love with the genre. And that's who the writer often has in mind as their target audience--that fourteen-year-old version of him or herself. If that's what Ms. Moon was shooting for with Engaging the Enemy, then she definitely hit the bull's-eye--this twenty-nine year old fourteen-year old, at least. Over the course of reading this single book, Moon successfully turned Ky Vatta into one of my favorite characters. I can't wait to see what she does next."

-- Intergalactic Medicine Show


"Strong female leads, terrific action and complications aplenty; should grab existing fans and win new converts."

-- Kirkus (Starred Review)

"...the frequent FTL (faster than light) jumps between Ky's deep-space engagements, Rafe's reluctant boardroom battles, Grace's wily machinations and Stella's expert financial calculations keep the excitement level high."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Nebula Award winner Moon handles action and intrigue with equal skill; her characters are varied and believable. With particular appeal for fans of the "Honor Harrington" series and dynastic sf, this novel is recommended, along with series predecessors, for most sf collections."

-- Library Journal

"The saga of doughty Kylara Vatta keeps getting better! Moon definitely has the gift. Engaging characters, great plot, great action, great pacing. I look forward to each new installment in the saga."

-- Analog

"The fourth Vatta's War volume is Moon at her best."

-- Booklist

"Moon's latest tale of intergalactic take-over and economic turmoil is still running strong. The conclusion, involving all of the characters, leaves no doubt that a fifth volume can be expected and, with war about to break out, it promises to take us to new places again."

-- SFX Magazine (UK)

"One of scifi's best military space series. The Serrano Legacy showed that Nebula Award winner Elizabeth Moon was a military SF writer to reckon with. Her more recent Vatta's War series, a skillful blend of military SF with hard SF, the family saga and space opera, confirms Moon's place with Lois McMaster Bujold and David Weber in the top tier of turn-of-the-millenium military SF writers."


"[S]he gives us a cast of complex, interesting people as they cope with, and learn from experience. I found it almost impossible to put this book down, and am seriously disgruntled that the next is not in the immediate future. Like tomorrow. So I guess it's time to reread them all again."

-- (Sherwood Smith)

"If you have been enjoying the Vatta's War series, you will enjoy this one. What else do you need to know? If you enjoy fast-moving space adventure, with involving characters and space war tactics and action and all...these books will work for you. Plenty of cool action, several engaging good guys root for in a struggle against some really, really bad guys (as ever, Moon's villains are truly villainous). this is pure light Space Opera--nothing earthshaking, nothing new, but good fun."

-- (Rich Horton)

"A gripping series for those of us who enjoy yarns about 'coming of age in space opera.'"


"Perhaps the best volume of the series so far."

-- SFReviews

"Elizabeth Moon writes grand space opera--that is, when she's not writing brilliant military fantasy. Command Decision is the fourth in the rousing Vatta's War series that I've enthusiastically followed. One of the best in the series to date."

-- BookLoons


"Rip-roaring action and intriguing science and tactics distinguish Nebula-winner Moon's fifth and final Vatta's War installment....This epic volume is a fine and fitting conclusion to Moon's grand space opera tour de force."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Fast-paced, intelligent, and witty. Action sf doesn't get much better than this, and though this series is done, let us hope to see Kylara and Rafe again."

-- Booklist

"Moon handles everything from full-scale space battles to intimate social and political interactions with the skill of a master storyteller. Strong characterizations, subtle humor, and a feel for military SF make this dynastic space opera a strong addition for all sf collection."

-- Library Journal

"All the action we have come to expect from Moon...the result is a very satisfactory conclusion to the series."

-- Analog

"Moon's Vatta's War series is solid proof that space opera is enjoying a healthy renaissance. And fans awaiting a satisfying climactic crescendo needn't worry. The best space opera scibes provide adrenaline jolts through a combination of sharp action and characters who wade with both feet into the reader's imagination. You can add Moon's name to such seminal writers as C.J. Cherryh, Lois McMaster Bujold and David Weber."

-- Starlog

"Elizabeth Moon has progressed rapidly and steadily upward in my estimation. This series has been consistently good and doesn't let up a bit."

-- Critical Mass

"Victory Conditions is a great end to a series that stands well besides both Bujold's early Miles Vorkosigan novels and Heinlein's Citizen of the Galaxy."

-- SFRevu

"This final volume crowns the [series] and offers a great view of the effort taken to reach these heights."

-- SFX

"[A] gripping military SF series."

-- Bookloons

"Moon has done a beautiful job... The suspense never lets up. By the novel's end there is a satisfactory setting of accounts with villains both petty and large. Moon's gift of creating riveting personal clashes is undiminished. Every scene--everyone line of dialogue--crackles with tension. A master of miliary SF. Victory Conditions is a fine capper to a solid SF series--in other words, one that leaves the Vatta family in good order and readers looking forward to Moon's next universe."

Sci Fi Weekly

"A smashing finish to an excellent series."

SF Site


For Book 1, the HERIS SERRANO lead-in series

"Space opera meets P.G. Wodehouse in Elizabeth Moon's HUNTING PARTY, a highly entertaining adventure....Something for everybody here...plenty of onboard skirmishes and ground conflict to keep things thrilling."

-- Locus

"Once again Elizabeth Moon has crafted a fine, rousing piece of space opera ... WINNING COLORS is a prize worth taking home."

-- Starlog

"A spirited space opera that shuns the macho cliches that infest the genre.... Anyone looking for entertainment that's light without being mindless should love this one."

-- Starlog (on HUNTING PARTY)

"Well up to Moon's solid standard."

-- Dragon

"Gorgeous ... I galloped through them ... I don't know when I enjoyed a trilogy so much."

-- Anne McCaffrey

"Exciting space opera adventures."

-- SF Chronicle

For Book 2, the Esmay Suiza/Serrano Family novels


"Over the last decade, Moon has established herself as one of the best-known and most acclaimed writers of SF adventure... A satisfying read, full of the finely detailed settings and excitement that Moon's readers have come to expect, and featuring a heroine whose self-doubts and inner strength lend her considerable appeal."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Elizabeth Moon succeeds wonderfully ... ONCE A HERO is more than a good read, with excellent world building and appealing characters. It's a step into a better future for our world."

-- Science Fiction Age

"Moon's dazzling Heris Serrano series related events in a fascinating interstellar milieu ... Moon's master of contemporary science fiction is evident in every line. the characters spring to life on the page, the intricacies of societies are astutely explored, and the pace never flags. She even achieves the seemingly impossible by deftly making naval maintenance and logistics the stuff of riveting fiction. A replendent addition to Moon's already impressive catalog."

-- Booklist

"Moon involves her readers with the extremely likeable Esmay and her problems quickly. The story's solid hardware aspect never overshadows the human element, but remains an integral part of the tale. There's also enough deftly inserted social detail to show that there's a world beyond Esmay's concerns. (An) engrossing book."

-- Starlog

"An interesting and complex SF/military novel...exciting and fast-paced."

-- Kliatt

"If you have not yet discovered the joys of reading Elizabeth Moon, now is definately the time to do so ... (her) Esmay Suiza stands out as a splendidly enduring character who takes on a wonderful life of her own, hopefully to be seen in many a new adventure."

-- Romantic Times

"Exciting ... an independent military sf novel in which an underappreciated young woman's talents save the day."

-- Locus

"Over the years, Elizabeth Moon has become one of the legends of science fiction, renowned for her off world cultures that make readers feel like they are part of that world. Her latest, ONCE A HERO, is a dlightful tale because of the precocious lead character and the other world settings. Fans of Ms. Moon and the Star Wars series will love this tale."

-- BookBrowser


"Proof that the best space opera is being written by women ... Moon lets excellent characterizations carry this story along, and she knows how to write a sequel without requiring the reader to backtrack."

-- Starlog

"This fast-paced yarn just sucks you in with irresistible force."

-- Booklist

"Great female characters, vigorous plotting, a solid military-family backdrop."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"Fans of Esmay Suiza, the main character of ONCE A HERO, will be delighted ... (Ms. Moon) engages all our emotions with vibrant characterization and spellbinding plotting."

-- Romantic Times

"Fun, emotionally charged, entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking to boot."

-- Locus

"Intensely lively characters, inspired detail and smart pacing ensure this novel will win readers' interest."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Few female authors tackle military SF, and none as authoritatively as Moon. All the elements of this action-packed genre are firmly in place... plenty of color and dash."

-- Starlog (UK)


"Fans will relish the clever intrigue, the outstanding characterization and a perfectly applied dash of humor."

-- Romantic Times

"Political intrigue, mutiny in space and ideological battles of war and weapons lend variety to this fast-moving space opera set in the distant future."

-- Library Journal

"Recommended... I enjoyed the book as I enjoyed her earlier ones so I would recommend it if you like military SF and especially if you like it set in such a detailed and broad canvas."

-- SF Crow's Nest (UK)
on "Serrano Succession" omnibus of CHANGE OF COMMAND and AGAINST THE ODDS


"Fans of Moon's series will find the number of returning characters and plot threads satisfying complex ... Moon's description of a deeply layered political and military culture provides an engaging touchstone for the far-flung skirmishes taking place therein ... SF readers will delight in the twisting, thorny adventure in the compelling continuation to this popular series."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Fans of David Weber's "Honor Harrington" series will appreciate Moon's space opera of high politics and military adventure."

-- Library Journal

"A fun fast-paced mix of space and soap opera."

-- Locus

"A triumphant coda."

-- Booklist


"A fine, subtle and marvelous adventure yarn. I will certainly nominate it for a Nebula as soon as it's got a pub[lication] date. There is so much in it, such lovely detail, such insight and understanding. Pure satisfaction from cover to cover."

Anne McCaffrey

"A warm, wonderful, wickedly witty and intensely satisfying book. One of the best alien contact novels in years. I wish more books like this were being published."

Amy Thomson
winner of the John W. Campbell Award

"Ofelia is one of the most probable heroes science fiction has yet known. This is a book full of pleasure."

Ursula K. LeGuin

"Just read your REMNANT POPULATION and loved it. What a lovely conception. Your aliens are delightful ... your heroine is a dandy. It was a wonderful read, I enjoyed it thoroughly."

Suzy McKee Charnas

"Moon does a splendid job of bringing her characters to life. Ofelia is as likeable as she is cantankerous, and the aliens are vividly imagined. Themes of independence and the value of wisdom form the backbone of this well-written, original novel."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Moon produces a fascinating adventure of interspecies contact that includes the occasional masterfully rendered peek into the alien's unique mindset. Enthusiasts for alien anthropology as well as Moon's many fans should enjoy, enjoy."

-- Booklist

"Moon succeeds in making her People alien but not alienating, and noble without cloying sentiment. REMNANT POPULATION may move slowly for some readers' tastes, but those who keep the pace will be rewarded with a gratifying conclusion to a thoughtful narrative."

-- Starlog

"The vibrant description, and the quirky aliens and humans will keep readers engrossed in the story."

-- Library Journal

"Highly recommended."

-- Library Journal

"Elizabeth Moon is really and truly a born tale spinner. One of those authors who easily and effortlessly involves you deeply into her story before you're even really settled into your chair. I cannot but assume that you are familiar with her work. If by some unfortunate fluke this is not the case, I strongly suggest that you correct the situation, and an excellent start could be made by reading REMNANT POPULATION."

Gahan Wilson in Realms of Fantasy

"Themes of independence, responsibility and the value of wisdom are at the core of this entertaining novel."

-- Middlesex News

"I was immediately impressed with the accessible style that drew me into the book effortlessly. Elizabeth Moon, I discovered, is an impressive talent ... every word was a joy to read."

-- Absolute Magnitude

"A satisfying story with a winning heroine."

-- Herald Sunday

"A very good story ... this is Elizabeth Moon's first hardcover and with it she proves that she's got what it takes to play in the big leagues. The plot is solid and the ideas are sound, but it is the character Ofelia that really makes the story."

-- Mysterious Galaxy

"A nice wish-fulfilling fantasy that makes you wish the real world worked this way."

-- Weekly Press

"Elizabeth Moon has broken new ground, and the result is excellent ... Recommended."

-- Book Net

"A delicious book -- one which is beautifully realised and left me wanting more. Expertly crafted ... uplifting and most enjoyable."

-- Dreamwatch


-- Times of London


"Inevitably, THE SPEED OF DARK has been compared to Daniel Keyes' classic and tragic Flowers for Algernon, in which a mentally disabled young man is medically enhanced to become a genius. THE SPEED OF DARK may be an even greater book...; it is [a] subtle, eerily nuanced character portrait of a man who is both unforgettable and unlike anyone else in fiction ... The end of THE SPEED OF DARK is not unexpected, but it is marvelous all the same, and exceptionally moving in its balance of loss and wonder. "The edge is what I have," Theodore Roethke wrote in his most famous poem, "In a Dark Time"; what Lou Arrendale gradually realizes, what he ultimately gambles on, is that the edge is not all he has. It is a measure of Elizabeth Moon's genius that she enables a reader to thoroughly experience the world through Lou's tangled but exhilarating neurology, and wonder what we "normal" people are missing when we don't acknowledge our connection to those who seem so different from us. A lot of novels promise to change the way a reader sees the world; THE SPEED OF DARK actually does."

-- Washington Post Book World
reviewed by Elizabeth Hand

"A powerful, thought-provoking story of soul searching that provides insight into outsiders."

-- Library Journal
12 Titles for Autism Awareness Month

"Every once in a while, you come across a book that is both an important literary achievement and a completely and utterly absorbing reading experience--a book with provocative ideas and an equally compelling story. Such a book is THE SPEED OF DARK, by Elizabeth Moon ... In Lou Arrendale, Moon has created an unforgettable character."

-- South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Significant and evocative... While the theme must have an enormous emotional charge for Elizabeth Moon, she does not forget she is a novelist."

-- Le Monde (France)

"A touching account. Well-written, intelligent, quite moving. Moon places the reader inside the world of an autistic and unflinchingly conveys the authenticity of his situation."

-- Kirkus, starred review

"This poignant work, which won the 2004 Nebula prize for respected science-fiction author Elizabeth Moon... will leave a deep impression upon the reader. The pages will make you hold your breath until the very last line."

-- Associated Press (France)

"For those of you who are a bit shy of hardcore SF, one of your best bets is Elizabeth Moon. She's been writing great science fiction for years ... a highly sensitive treatment of the world of an autistic man set in the not too distant future ... For people with autism, the world can be a very scary place, and Moon documents poignantly their battle to interact with a world of shapes, sounds and feelings that are strangers to them."

-- The Times of London

"Compelling ... a poignant earnestness that borders on the philosophical and showcases Moon's gift for characterization ... will touch even the most jaded."

-- Publishers Weekly

"This little work is a beautiful lesson in humanity."

-- Journal du Dimanche (France)

"While the laugh-out-loud humor of Groom's and Lethem's novels is missing, the poignancy makes Moon's effort nearly the equal of 'Forrest Gump' and 'Motherless Brooklyn.'"

-- The Rocky Mountain News

"Moon nimbly avoids the cliches that have accreted around this kind of story ... unadorned prose that manages to convey a great depth of unexpressed feeling. At a time when cases of autism seem to be on the rise, 'The Speed of Dark' provides valuable insight while delivering a thoroughly engrossing, even suspenseful story."

-- San Francisco Chronicle

"Not only is the title superb, but this novel proves to be both simple and moving, a rarity..."

-- Magazine Littéraire (France)

Starred Review. "This is an upsetting novel that transcends science fiction."

-- Bien dans ma vie! (France)

"The story is engrossing and beautifully written with wide appeal for young adults. Those who like books such as Flowers for Algernon will devour it. Thoughtful and thought provoking, the book raises serious issues and questions of importance for everyone while telling a poignant and hopeful tale."


"Beautiful and moving ... Moon's love is apparent in the story of Lou. He makes a deep and lasting impact on the reader while showing a different way of looking at the world."

-- The Denver Post

"A strong and beautiful novel that's light on the science but strong on the heart."

-- Cinescape Magazine
Wordscape Pick of the Month!

"An excellent novel. The bare-nerved narration of [Lou's] encounters with strangers, co-workers and his friends is served up in a simple, straightforward manner, without a scrap of anesthetic. This makes for a difficult book to read, not because of the style, but because I don't read well or quickly with my eyes misted over ... If you can stand to be in the mind of a person who's innocent and painfully honest and sadly, badly underestimated by most of the folks around him, you'll like THE SPEED OF DARK a great deal."

-- The San-Diego Union-Tribune

"The story will be enjoyed, and much loved, on its own terms. A very personal story, one of those novels that have hardly any sf in them but could only have been written by a genre writer, and which have often become the most popular, enduring science fiction classics."

-- The New York Review of Science Fiction
reviewed by Gwyneth Jones

"Elizabeth Moon analyzes the comportment and the sensations that an autistic person faces. This introspection is also a great science-fiction novel... subtle and moving."

-- Télérama (France)

"Not only a foothold into the world of autism but an engaging journey into the dark edges that define the self."

-- The Seattle Times

"Thought-provoking ... Moon is effective at putting the reader inside Lou's mind, and it is both fascinating and painful to see the behavior and qualities of so-called normals through his eyes."

-- Booklist

"A novel of impressive emotional power."

-- Espirit Femme (France)

"Moon capably conveys the frustrations and joys of Lou's world. Her descriptions of an autistic self -- an autistic soul, if you will -- are vivid, nuanced, even beautiful."

-- South Jersey Courier Post

"I liked the story very much, and Lou Arrendale is one of those characters that seems like someone you actually met."

-- Science Fiction Chronicle

"An incredible novel that captures the essences of an intelligent autistic person struggling to independently survive in a constantly changing world ... This strong tale with powerful characters will remind the audience of Flowers of Algernon and Rain Main as Elizabeth Moon takes the reader inside the soul of the hero."

-- Midwest Book Review

"Elizabeth Moon has written a moving first-person history. Lou isnŐt normal, and thanks to him, we penetrate another form of perception."

-- La Bien Public (France)

"Moon does a wonderful job of allowing us into Lou's thoughts and emotions ... THE SPEED OF DARK dares to ask hard questions, and still delivers a touching tale."

-- The Davis (CA) Enterprise

"Anyone interested in the workings of the brain ... will want to read this novel. Anyone who works with, or loves, or knows an autistic person must read it."

-- Kensington Newspapers

"Lou's first-person narration is lyrical and touching, displaying Moon's gift for characterization and her familiarity with the subject matter. Lou's incredible journey addresses the basic human need to fit in -- something everyone, however "normal" they may be, can relate to."

-- Romantic Times

I recommend this book. Moon's characters will stay with you for a long time.

-- Starburst (UK)

"An astonishing story, which raises some serious issues whilst remaining an entertaining read. It's a complex and thought-provoking tale, with a strong moral thread running throughout. Autism is clearly a matter close to Moon's heart, and her thorough knowledge of the subject shines through in this novel ... a powerful and compelling story ... a unique and worthwhile read."

-- Dreamwatch (UK)

"A joy to read and an excellent example of character-led science fiction ... a descendant of Flowers for Algernon, though told from the inside, from the perspective of the subject and with the full realisation of the humanity of that individual. SPEED OF DARK is a strong, distinctive and fascinating novel."

-- The Zone (UK)

"So very, very good that one's actually slightly nervous of reviewing it, in case, crazily, the clumsiness of one's review will somehow mar the integrity of the novel itself."

-- Infinity Plus (UK)

"The author, whose son is autistic, gives an attaching depth to Lou."

-- Libération (France)

"A moving, sensitive reflection."

-- Psychologies Magazine (France)

"Elizabeth Moon describes LouŐs autism with finesse and sensitivity."

-- Pelerin Magazine (France)

"Elizabeth Moon excels in her genre and poses fundamental questions."

-- Cote Femme (France)

"A novel of great sensitivity, it is reminiscent of Daniel KeyesŐ FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON."

-- Phosphore (France)

"A well-crafted, captivating novel that science-fiction lovers will enjoy and can then pass on to their mainstream-reading friends. I really had fun seeing the world through Lou's perspective. Moon gives us a reality shift that rivals Daniel Keyes' 'Flowers for Algernon.'"


"I cannot recommend this book highly enough; the author received a Hugo nomination for her book "Remnant Population"; this book is better in my opinion and deserves every award going within science fiction or mainstream literature as a whole. A truly magnificent work."

-- The Alien On-Line (UK)

"Moon has crafted her experiences as a mother of an autistic son into a sensitive and insightful novel. I recommend you pick up a copy of this work and read it today."

-- Washington SF Association

"Riveting ... It's a bona fide page-turner -- with surprises and magic around every corner -- and is guarenteed to leave a lasting impression."


"Her depiction of Lou Arrendale is spectacular ... THE SPEED OF DARK should be one everyone's must-read list for 2003. It's one of the most emotionally resonant and philosophically intriguing SF novels in recent years. I give it my highest recommendation."

-- SciFi Dimensions

"An astonishing book ... masterfully crafted by Elizabeth Moon, flowing as smoothly and clearly as anyone could ask. Moon's command of the written word has never been sharper ... It's challenging and accessible at the same time, and easily surpasses Moon's previous high water mark. At worst, SPEED OF DARK is a magnificent character study. At best, it's the most powerful book you'll read this year."

-- SF Site

A powerful, thought-provoking story of soul searching that provides insight into outsiders.

--Library Journal

"The Speed of Dark gives a stunning, insightful and openhearted look at the world through the eyes of a man with autism. After reading this book, you will think deeply on the question: What does "normal" mean? Elizabeth Moon has written an outstanding testament to the unique gift every one of us has to share, exactly as we are, while also cheering us on to be all that we can be. Kudos to Ms. Moon for helping us to see with new clarity not only the mystery of autism, but also the wonder of it."

-- Barry Neil Kaufman, Author, Happiness Is A Choice and Son-Rise
Dir., The option Inst. & the Austism Treatment Ctr of America™

"[A] fine novel ... I marvel at Elizabeth Moon's achievement. With no shadow of sentimentality or easy romanticism, she shows us the core of autism, in thought and in action, making us experience the anxiety and tension continually accompanying its autistic hero as he struggled to make sense of the world we so readily call normal."

-- Clara Park, author of EXITING NIRVANA

"A fine novel! Elizabeth Moon takes us to a part of the human neighborhood that is at once enchanting and heartbreaking. Her near-future world, and her people, are absolutely compelling."

-- Greg Bear, New York Times bestselling author of VITALS

"We know the speed of light. We need to appreciate the SPEED OF DARK ... the splendid novel by Elizabeth Moon with a heart- and mind-gripping story and a bero you can applaud for his uncommon bravery. A MUST READ!"

-- Anne McCaffrey, NY Times bestselling author of THE SKIES OF PERN

"Lou is unforgettable, one of those rare characters who changes forever the perspective of the reader. The SPEED OF DARK is a remarkable accomplishment."

-- Jack McDevitt, Nebula & Hugo-nominated author of DEEPSIX

"Moon writes with both passion and dispassion of a subject that is close to her heart. In Lou Arrendal, she has created a character whose insights and observations spring from a mind that is familiar, yet strange, and whose experiences and attitudes compel the reader to examine their own preconceptions of what it means to be human."

-- Kristine Smith, Campbell Award-winning author of LAW OF SURVIVAL

"A grabbing tale of hope and possibilities. Moon does for the future of Autism what she did for migrant workers in 'Remnant Population.' An absorbing and thought-provoking page turner."

--Mike Moscoe, Nebula-nominated author of THEY ALSO SERVE

"THE SPEED OF DARK, Elizabeth Moon's finest book to date, represents a quantum leap in her development as a literary and moral voice. The book is pure passionate conviction, yet written with an enviable degree of intellectual control and extraordinary research. This isn't just Flowers for Algernon, it's Flowers with a triumphant ending, not just for her profoundly decent, couragous, and gifted hero, but for humanity."

--Susan Shwartz, co-author of VULCAN'S HEART and VULCAN'S FORGE

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Over 1,500,000 copies of Elizabeth Moon's works sold in the US alone!!

    VATTA'S WAR (Del Rey, US; Orbit Books, UK 2003-07)
    THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION (Baen, 1988-9; tp omnibus 1992; hc 2003)
  4. OATH OF FEALTY (Del Rey, 2010)
  5. Two more books under contract
    THE LEGACY OF GIRD (Baen, 1991-92; omnibus edition 1996)
    THE SERRANO LEGACY, BOOK ONE (Baen, 1993-95)
    THE SERRANO LEGACY, BOOK TWO (Baen, 1997-00)
    THE PLANET PIRATES (with Anne McCaffrey) (Baen, 1990-91)

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