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Below is a complete alphabetical list of our clients. Clicking on a client's name will take you to their subsite where you can view their complete bibliography, including rights information, and reviews. Check back often, we like to keep these areas up-to-date.

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Arkham House Publishers Inc.


Akers, Tim

Baker, James Robert

Brenner, Mayer Alan

Brett, Peter

Buckell, Tobias

Burns, Stephen L.

Campbell, Jack

Castro, Adam-Troy

Chandler, A. Bertram

Charbonneau, Louis

Durbin, Frederic S.

Edelman, David Louis

Eisenberg, Mickey

English, Brenda

Garrett, Randall

Gelb, Jeff & Garrett, Michael

Ghiglieri, Michael

Green, Simon

Harris, Charlaine

Hemry, John

Hines, Jim C.

Howison, Del

Huff, Tanya

Kellogg, Marjorie

Latner, Alexis Glynn

Levin, Meyer

Lovecraft, H.P. (Arkham)

Low, Dene

McCollum, Michael

Mackay, Scott

Malan, Violette

Molesworth, Carl

Moon, Elizabeth

Moore, John

Moore, Sharon

Palmer, Stuart

Patton, Fiona

Reines, Katherine

Richardson, Kat

Sanderson, Brandon

Schiefelbein, Michael

Shelley, Rick

Sketchley, Martin

Smith, Julie Dean

Sprunk, Jon

Van Belkom, Edo

Jeri Westerson

Zakour, John & Ganem, Lawrence


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